* How do I add my course reserves to my Blackboard course?

Instructors can add a link to their library course reserves in two ways:  by adding a button to their course menu or by adding a link to any content area.

To add a button to the course menu:
  • Point to the red + button at the top of the course menu and select Create External Link.
  • Fill out the name (e.g. "Electronic Reserves" or "Course Readings") and the URL (address) of the link provided to you by the library.
  • Click on the box next to "Available to users" to make the link available to students.
  • Click Submit. 

To add a link to a content area (e.g. “Course Documents” or “Assignments”):
  • Enter a content area of your course.
  • Point to Build Content on the action bar and select URL.
  • Fill out a name and URL for the link.
  • Click Submit.
For help with electronic reserves, please contact Alison Rusczyk in Mortensen Library at (860) 768-4965 or rusczyk@hartford.edu.