* What's the difference between "Course Information" and "Course Documents"?

“Course Information” and “Course Documents” are both content areas in your Blackboard course.  You can put files, links, assignments and other materials into any content area.

You can change the name of an existing content area to make it easier for students to find your content.  To do this, click on the chevron next to the button name in your course menu, and select Rename Link.  Type in a new name for the button (e.g. “Course Readings,” “Lab Assignments”) and click on the green check mark to submit it.

To add a new content area to your course, click on the red + button at the top of your course menu and select “Create Content Area.”  Check the box next to “Available to users” and click Submit.  You can then use the arrows to the left of the button to move the button anywhere you like.