* I see an option to add "Echo Content" under "Add Interactive Tool." What is it?

The University is currently running pilot programs on both WebEx Web Conferencing software and ECHO 360 Lecture Capture.  Lecture Capture is currently installed in five classrooms and anyone teaching in these classrooms can arrange to have their class video recorded.  In addition to the instructor, the recording also captures and records any computer applications you may be using during class, for example, PowerPoint.  You can add a link to the recording into your Blackboard course so students can review it.  This makes them better listeners in class and also lets them review specific course content they may not have understood the first time.

For more information, contact R.J. McGivney, Dean of University Programs, at (860) 768-4401.  WebEx accounts can be requested at the following website: http://uhaweb.hartford.edu/mts/webex.html    FCLD is available to answer questions, share best practices, and help you understand how these two tools can be harnessed for student learning.  Email fcld@hartford.edu for more information.