* How do I email my students?

To send an email to your students, click on the Tools button in your course menu and select Send Email.  From here, you can send an email to all members of the course, or select specific members to receive the email.  Students can also use this tool to email their instructor or other members of the class.

You can also send emails to the entire class from the announcements page.  When you create an announcement, click on "Send a copy of this announcement immediately."  This will post the message on the announcements page as well as send it to all students.

Your email address in Blackboard is set to your University of Hartford email.  Although you can send email from your Blackboard course, you need to read it using your regular email program (e.g., webmail, or the email program to which you forward your webmail).  To access webmail, go to http://webmail.hartford.edu and login using your email username and password.